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Affiliated Artists

From 2020, the Frans Masereel Centrum will annually invite up to three contemporary artists for a longer time. Without previous commitment to result but to start up new processes and to challenge and deepen their own practice. They can rely on the substantive, technical and productional support of the entire team, and make use of all available facilities.

As honored partners, these Affiliated Artists are an integral part of the artistic activities of the Frans Masereel Centrum and will also take on the role of a visiting tutor to the general residents. They also analyze and asses the practice and framework that the Frans Masereel Centrum offers, by use of their various and critical attitudes and diverging interests.

In 2020 we’ve invited Wim Cuyvers (° 1958), Peter Rogiers (° 1967) and Emmanuelle Quertain (° 1987) as honored partners for the Affiliated Artists program.

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