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Each year approximately 60 national and international artists, researchers, critics and academics are selected through an open call. The focus lies on development and creation within the field of print. No prior knowledge of printmaking techniques is required. Besides the artist and essay residencies the Frans Masereel Centrum also organizes a collective residency program in the fall, exclusively for artist collectives, student groups, artistic co-workers, etc.

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Artist Residency
PeriodBetween January and SeptemberDuration6 weeks

Our Artist Residency program welcomes contemporary artists to realize an individual, multiform, print-related project that matches their artistic practice. The focus lies on development, creation and eventually production in one or more of our workshops.

Applying for an Artist Residency in 2022 will be possible from April 1, 2021.

Collective Residency
PeriodOctober-NovemberDuration1 or 2 weeks

The Collective Residency is where artist collectives, student groups, co-working art professionals or any other kind of (informal) collaboration can develop new, print-related projects or work together on common goals/themes, while learning from each other and fellow residents.

Apply before March 1, 2021 through the online application form below.

Essay Residency
periodBetween January and Septemberduration3 or 6 weeks

Critics, writers, artists, curators and academics can reside at the Centrum Frans Masereel to conduct theoretical research about the medium of printmaking, prepare a critical text on a print-related topic, develop ideas for curatorial projects, etc.

Applying for an Essay Residency in 2022 will be possible from April 1, 2021.

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